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Peace offers Readings by phone or Skype and in person at her home in Inwood, Manhattan or at various Metaphysical Fairs and Conferences in the Tri-State area.  


*Peace offers a very generous hour reading and consultation for $80.

The Tarot is a book of wisdom laid out in pictures on a series of cards. It contains metaphysical knowledge passed down through images and symbols from ancient civilizations through to today. It contains the blueprint of physical manifestation and human development, evolution and mastery.

Bringing our questions to the Tarot for reflection guides us forward on our journey, in skillful ways, evolving as a human being, developing our potential and striving toward mastery and the ability to meet every situation with greater peace and an eye toward the greater good for self and humanity.

“We are not meant to be long-distance observers of life. We are to give ourselves to the shaping of it… The commitment to co-creation is a great task, a noble task for which to give a life, but it is not a simple one. …we need new wisdom and a new kind of struggle to determine what we must be and do in the midst of these changing times.”

—  Joan Chittister

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SPDX – Mandala of Symbols

Spiritual Diagnosis is a metaphysical tool that uses common images to create a symbolic picture of the present moment and conflict in a person s life.

It is an interactive process by which the symbols are drawn and constructed in a pattern depicting the forces at work in our lives at this present time.

Symbols are the language of the intuitive mind. The symbolic mandala assists us in seeing a deeper truth in a current situation or hint at the root of a physical illness, crisis, or concern.  By using easily accessible images anyone can gain insight into the cause of disharmony or present challenge and point toward the eventual healing.

The symbolic mandala is an excellent tool for Intuitive Development. Most are simple symbols from everyday life and are easy for just about anyone to grasp. Once we see the world as alive and speaking to us in each and every minute we are on the road to true empowerment.

I began working with symbols in the early 90’s.  In 1999 I met Robert McNary, a former medical doctor and physician at ARE in Phoenix, AZ. Robert was working on this system as a means of revealing the underlying spiritual issues in a persons life that were expressing as physical dis-ease. I fell in love with Robert and Spiritual Diagnosis and decided to join him in the production and development, and bringing this work out to the metaphysical and healing arts community and expanding the scope beyond physical disease to reveal influences in every aspect of ones life and existence.  Robert and I worked and traveled across the US together for 3 years producing kits for sale and giving one on one sessions in bookstore, spiritual gatherings, and Metaphysical fairs. During that time the online version was created for long distance sharing via Internet.  The application is a natural.

A consultation is a guided session using several stacks of cards or a computer generated selection process and centered attunement. Each symbol is engaged individually and then considered within the context of the relationship the the position in the mandala and, then in relation to each other along with visual and energetic impressions.

The session is conducted in person or using “Skype”, (or telephone), Internet, and email simultaneously .

Once the appointment details have been arranged we connect via Skype. You will receive a link via email and the session begins.

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