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Testimonials for Tarot Readings with Peace:

“Today I had  Tarot reading with Peace and she blew me away with how accurately she tuned into me and intuitively knew things about me that she could not have otherwise known. She filled in so many gaps in my life and although I am sure that she may not fully know that her insights rose my conscious to another higher level. My heart melted at the time that she most generously gave to me.

I feel so grateful that we were able to link up via skpe Peace has a natural talent and was born to do tarot readings Thank you Peace for the Love and Caring that you so comfortably generate.”

— Pauline McNab from New Zealand.

The tarot reading with Peace was a powerful experience of discovery and insight. Deep material came up more quickly and easily than I would have expected. I felt safe with Peace and we explored this info to move it towards release and resolution. 

With the help of Peace’s natural intuition and experience, the session was a fascinating mirror experience: aspects of myself and my life being reflected back to me through the cards. If we are ready for truth – it can be found! 

— Elvi O., Staunton, VA

” I was pleasantly surprised to find out that a friend and mentor, Peace, did psychic tarot card readings over the internet. Normally I never do stuff like that unless I really trust the person is a clear channel for loving universal energy and since I had no doubt about that regarding Peace, I asked her to read my cards! Needless to say I wasn’t disappointed.. her intuition combined with many years of study and working with the cards led to an outstandingly loving experience.”  

— Katia.B. Mykonos, Greece

“I had a tarot reading with Peace. Her reading was very straight forward clear and supportive of the empowerment and strengthening the weak point in the process of reaching my goal.You can feel the warmth of empathy in the work that is very important. I was able to open to go for my process as i became aware of my situation totally.” 

— Anna C.; Paros, Greece

It was right time to have a reading with you Peace! You helped me to focuse on the right questions and that way to get answers, focus on positive side, go back to my heart desires. Thank you!!!
— Svetlana S., Odessa, Ukraine

“Peace’s ease and imaginative approach to the cards was evident in the reading she gave me. She had cogent and descriptive answers for each of my questions, and showed a flair for figurative interpretation. I still have her reading in my memory a few months later and it still feels relevant! “
— Chris G.. Philadelphia, PA

Before we even started with the reading, Peace asked me if I had a connection with Palo Santo – she was getting a whiff of the sacred wood even though she had a piece on the other side of her house. I burn the wood daily and have a very deep connection with this sacred plant. This set the stage for the Tarot reading Peace was about to give me…

The cards were laid. They hit my question spot on, confirming of course, what I already knew. The cards helped to confirm to me my mission while I am here on this earth, and gave me that gentle nudge to say, “Go on, stop playing small and giving energy to something you have grown past.”

Peace’s ability to read the cards showed not only insight to the meaning of each of the cards in what situations they traditionally implied, but she was also able to interpret and listen to her intuition as to what they were saying in this specific situation.

Thank you, Peace. It was a fun reading and I’m grateful for the time you took in sharing this gift with me.
— Metta, Brittney Johnson