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Testimonials for SPDX Readings with Peace:

“The spiritual diagnosis session with Peace was a fun experience, which left me with a lot more clarity about where I am at, what I need to do and focus on, and where I am headed. At the end, I experienced a sense of optimism, freedom and expansion. The way we pick the cards with symbols is surprisingly accurate – each image spoke to me rather loudly, some confirming what I already knew, others revealing what was more hidden, but valuable insight for direction and clarity. I know that the chart will keep revealing more information to me, as I move ahead. I am also thankful for having received a mandala to meditate on, which is a healing and balancing tool for me. Thank you again, Peace!” 

— Elvi Orr, Rebirth International Headquarters; Staunton, VA

“My Spiritual Mandala session with Peace was provocative. Providing gentle and clear guidance, Peace gracefully allows the mandala’s messages to unfold with Divine timing. An excellent, insightful experience under the loving attention of a most gifted space-holder.”
—  Nancy Stenn, Healing Facilitator, founder of Lucid Healing

Dear Peace, Thank you so much for this wonderful experience with this work you are doing. Funny how it all comes together and is so right in all aspects. I really enjoyed it.. I could not have spent my time with a more beautiful soul. Thank you for being you and all you do.”

— M.P. from AK

“I’m very moved Peace about your love towards me! I feel so different than 2 and a half ours ago! I’m really gratefull to you! I’ll let you know how this unfolds! But i feel like i connected some dots and released a lot.
I cherish you, your love and wisdom… I’ll use the tools you taught me Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

— T.A. Portugal